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Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button, distracted by clutter and noise, or holding yourself back from what you really want?

You need to hack your life!

With comprehensive coverage of the seven major areas of life management, 21 Hacks is wellbeing and workplace expert, Cat Coluccio’s entertaining and engaging guide to unlock simple ways to take control of your life.

Complete with step-by-step exercises to help you get out of your own way, you'll discover 21 ways to make the most of your resources, including how to;

  • Save time and take action
  • Improve your environment
  • Get more out of every opportunity and
  • Plan how you are going to have the life you really want.

Stop procrastinating, get unstuck, and live your best life ‘on purpose’ today.

It’s time to ROCK your life!

*UPDATE: Introducing the new TEEN Edition!

Parents, have you been looking for the perfect book to encourage your teen to step up and take ownership of their life?


This is the exciting release that you’ve been waiting for! 

Using the same seven major areas of life management  laid out in the original 21 Hacks to Rock your Life! the Teen Edition gives your teens actionable steps to help them Stop Stuffing Around, Get Focused and Create a Life that ROCKS!

Cat Coluccio is a qualified educator, personal trainer and life coach with a passion to see people empowered to ROCK their lives.

She is a vibrant and dynamic international communicator who delivers presentations that are both inspiring and full of practical take-aways.

Cat lives in Auckland with her husband and adult children, along with way too many cats and chickens. Always up for a laugh and a glass of Prosecco, she can be found online hanging out in her FREE online communities Rocking Midlife and Read, Write and Publish with Cat.



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